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Glass Splashbacks in Your Kitchen

Have you ever cooked the most magnificent pasta sauce or stir-fry sensation for a  group of friends who ‘aahhhed’ with pleasure over your masterpiece? Have you dined with your adoring friends through to late in the evening and, pleasantly sated with good food and rich wine, decided to leave cleaning till the next day?

Have you also upon rising discovered that a good amount of your dinner from the night before had flicked up on the tiles behind your stove top? And now, scrubbing brush in hand, you grumble as you do your best to bring the tiles back to their pristine condition.

This is where a Glass Splashback would save you time and much angst!

Glass Splashbacks are so much easier to clean than tiles or painted walls. They are also more hygienic, because grouting between tiles tends to retain bacteria which can lead to mould.

If you have a smaller and darker kitchen, the reflective surface of a Glass Splashback can create the illusion of space and light. And coloured splashbacks can give your kitchen that little extra lift that you might be looking for.

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