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How to Work With Tradies During Your Home Renovation

When renovating, the better your relationship with your tradies, the less likely it is that misunderstandings, which can be costly, arise.

Good communication is the key to any successful business relationship, but how do you ensure your requirements are understood? When renovating, the better your relationship with your tradies, the less likely it is that misunderstandings, which can be costly, arise.

Beyond words, the relationship with your tradies relies on your actions. Here are our tips to help you smoothly manage your renovation tradies.

Stunning modern staircase in a new renovation

Effective Communication

Take the time to document your requirements, whether they are changes, additions, or fixes. When you provide an extended list of what you require your tradies to do, add all relevant information, including materials, etc. if you have a specific request. 

Then your tradesperson is not relying on a quick conversation to remember what you need and can refer to your list to refresh their memory. It also allows them to come back to you for clarity if needed.

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Respect Your Tradies

Your experienced tradespeople are professionals. They know their business, and if they don’t why are you using them? Respect the time, input, skills, and knowledge of all tradies working at your renovation site.

They are the people you trust to create your vision and will contribute invaluable advice if they know you respect and listen to them. Create a great atmosphere on site, and the build will be smoother with better results.

Be On Time With Payments

When you commit to a payment schedule, you need to honor it. Builders have wages to pay, and non-payment affects them all the way down the line. Everyone has bills to pay and mouths to feed, so your tradies will love it when you pay them on time, and it’s one less challenge they need to juggle.

Kitchen renovation with wooden floors

Don’t Micromanage Your Tradies

Trust your tradespeople to do the work that they are there to do. There is no need to hang around looking over their shoulders. Nobody does their best work that way. 

Keep communications short and on point, then leave them to do what they do best. 

Some Delays Are Unavoidable

Tradies do their best to keep the work going and on time, but some things are out of their control, and it helps if you understand. Tradies cannot be responsible for supplier mistakes/delays, extreme weather, or even personal emergencies that cannot be avoided. 

The best way to deal with them is to talk with your tradie about how to manage any delays. 

Understand Some Tradie Terms

Like any industry, tradies use terms that are unique to them. Here are some common terms used so you can understand what your tradie is talking about when you have your next conversation.

  • Gyprock – is a brand name but is often used as a generic term for plasterboard sheets used to create walls, ceilings, and partitions. Some tradies also refer to it as drywall.
  • Load bearing – is a term used for a wall that is necessary for the structure of a building. It carries the weight of your home to the foundations and is costly to move. Another suitable supporting structure will be needed if you want to knock through it.
  • Noggins – Timber pieces installed between studs horizontally. These stabilize the structure and ensure walls do not move.
  • PC Item – This stands for prime costs and is considered an estimate on your quote. It means that the price isn’t fixed and may change once confirmed.
  • Rough in – Is where electricians and plumbers make the areas under the floor and in the wall/ceiling cavity ready for cables and pipes. The actual connections to these are made once the tiling and plastering are finished.
  • Studs – Vertical posts that make up the frame of a structure and the best place to hang any items on the wall so that the item is well secured.

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