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How to Make Sure Your Kitchen Matches Your Home

If you have ever walked into a home where each room seems to be a divergence of styles, you know why it is important that your kitchen matches the rest of your home. If your home has a country living feel, you don”™t want to put in a modern, retro kitchen. A good designer will help you when you begin to develop the style, colours, and design of your kitchen.

A few things to think about when designing your kitchen are colours, style, and d̩cor. When you think about colour, try to be consistent throughout the house. This doesnӪt mean you cannot have accent colours in your kitchen, but the colours should not clash with the rest of the home. In other words, pastels and bright colours wonӪt blend as well with elegant or bold colors.

Another design suggestion is to match the style of your kitchen with the home”™s overall style. As mentioned above, if your home reflects country living with plaids, neutral tans and browns, or teddy bears and fruit baskets, a bold red kitchen with a black and white checkerboard floor will look completely out of place. Guests will think they have stepped into another home.

Along these same lines of style is how you decorate your kitchen. Keep the décor consistent with the rest of the home. Not only that, but even within the kitchen itself; your wall hangings, knick-knacks, and window treatments should match the kitchen”™s style. Modern sculptures or elegant furniture in the home will not match well with a ‘beach styled’ kitchen.

There are subtle things you can do to bring the rooms of your home together Рand colour, style, and d̩cor provide design guidelines to get you started.

As you”™re beginning to develop ideas for the kitchen design for your home, please give the team at Nouvelle a call or leave us a message through our contact page ”“ we”™d love to hear from you.

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