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Grey – the New Colour of Sophistication

While the colour grey is often associated with cloudy days and an ashen appearance, the right shade can create a sophisticated style.  Think of a man or women wearing a sharp-dressed charcoal grey business suit. The attire”™s colour produces a stylish and elegant appearance. Using shades of grey in your kitchen can also produce a similar sophisticated appearance.

Depending on the desired atmosphere, greys generate a comfortable and relaxing room as well. Grey walls, cabinets, or furniture also produces a neutral appearance that is often a plus for many homeowners.

Grey acts as a neutral accent that complements other colours or unifies similar colours in the room. Many modern kitchens include stainless steel appliances that complement shades of grey very well. The subtle grey accents on the walls or cabinets can bring out the elegance of stainless steel.

Softer shades of grey can enhance the brighter colours in any room. When using grey in your kitchen design, consider adding colourful pieces to create a modern space. A brightly colored vase or centerpiece is a good choice to balance out the kitchen”™s colours. Pictures and small appliances can also create splashes of colour.

When you are choosing colours, adding a touch of grey can lead to a stylish and modern-looking kitchen. Grey does not have to be associated with dreariness or dullness. Shades like pearl grey, slate, powder, silver, or oyster can easily brighten a room.

As you walk into a room, the colours and design frame the environment. The colours in a kitchen contribute to your mood and appetite. A noble or silvery grey creates a room that offers a warm environment with a confident and elegant style.

If you are going for a modern and elegant look in your kitchen, don”™t dismiss the color of grey.  It may add that touch of sophistication to create the look you want.

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