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Features of an Attractive Kitchen

What features make a kitchen so attractive?

Ever walked into a kitchen that you couldn’t wait to get out of? What was it that turned you off? Was it the grime you saw on the floor, or the clutter of dishes in a much too small sink? Or maybe it was the overwhelming feeling of claustrophobia in the pitifully small space, or a poor design resulting in too much heat in an enclosed area? Or perhaps it was the smell…

Leave that image now…

And think of a kitchen that invites you in with promises of gatronomique delights and embraces you with the soft warmth of a cook top and savoury aromas that are making your taste buds tingle with anticipation…

What are the features of this attractive and welcoming kitchen?

Apart from cleanliness – a must for all kitchens, the atmosphere was created with:

Adequate Lighting. A dark hovel doesn’t really entice people into your kitchen. They like to see what you’re doing and what you’re serving up. Natural light and light coloured walls open a kitchen up, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Warmth. Oven baked meals and a warm stove are a pleasure in the winter time. But the design must allow heat to disperse when you want it so that your kitchen doesn’t turn into a large oven itself during the warmer months.

Fresh Air. Not every smell in your kitchen is delectable! Stale smells and containers of forgotten food should have the opportunity to escape through windows and/or doors.

Room to Move. Cozy might be desirable for the bedroom, but not for an efficient kitchen! There should be enough counter space to work from and the design should incorporate The Work Triangle.

Finding out how your own ideal kitchen design is only a phone call or email away… contact us at Nouvelle today.

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