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Delicious Dessert: Raspberry Chocolate Trifle

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When you’re up to your elbows preparing a dinner party, here’s a simple recipe for a dessert that your guests will find delicious. This sweet looks great in individual dessert glasses.

Raspberry Chocolate Trifle


500g raspberries (hulled)
Icing sugar
600g chocolate cake (no icing)
2 cups cream
200g milk chocolate


1. Grate chocolate.
2. Whip cream.
3. Break cake into chunks.
4. Place raspberries in a bowl.
5. Sprinkle icing sugar over raspberries and toss until coated.
6. Cover bottom of dessert glasses with a layer of cake pieces.
7. Add a layer of raspberries over cake pieces.
8. Add a layer of whipped cream.
9. Sprinkle with grated chocolate.
10. Repeat layers (cake, raspberries, cream, grated chocolate) to brim of glass and end with cream and grated chocolate.
11. Chill before serving.