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Clever Kitchen Design

A kitchen is often the heart of the home; a gathering place for friends and family, and often the house’s’ biggest selling point. While it is a room that should be comfortable and inviting, kitchen space is all about function and efficiency.

Since the main purpose is to prepare and cook meals, a kitchen needs to have a semblance of a practical and organized design.

But being functional does not mean there is no sense of style. It is this combination of functionality and style that illustrates the clever kitchen design.

When designing kitchen space, there are always other factors besides cost that need to be taken into consideration.  The size and shape of your kitchen are important design factors.

Large kitchens need a layout that doesn’t create a sense of disconnection with the arrangement of appliances or workspace. The dishwasher should not be clear across the room from the storage of dishes and other tableware.

Galley kitchens or compact apartment kitchens have to make efficient use of space without making the room seem smaller. Consider adding open shelves or clear doors instead of dark cupboards to open up the room.

Under cabinet storage drawers provide easy access to commonly used items.

For large square kitchens, an island is an effective design element that provides extra countertops and storage.

Added seating provides a clever use of counter space.

U-shaped kitchens provide an open feel while giving added counter space for preparing meals.

An added sink makes meal preparation more convenient.

Utilizing ceiling space or stacking appliances in a useful manner is a clever use of space.

There are endless possibilities when it comes to being creative with your kitchen design. This design will of course depend on space, style, and your budget.

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