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Bathroom Beauty Secrets: Energy Boost

Your bathroom is your own private sanctuary, and should be all about you. You can make it a haven of pure pampering pleasure or a place to prepare you for a day of fun and adventure!

For a great pick-me-up why not invigorate your body by exfoliating. It removes dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow, giving you an all over feeling of freshness and cleanliness.

Here are some tips for exfoliating in the shower:

  • Use a good quality exfoliating scrub, either cream-based or a gel, which uses rounded particles to exfoliate (these won’t irritate delicate skin). Gently massage the scrub into your wet skin and then rinse.
  • Sea salt massaged over your body is a technique used by health spas, and one you can emulate in your own bathroom. Keep a container of the sea salt handy, and take a scoop of it with you into the shower. Rinse your body well after.
  • Gently sweep a bath mitt, sisal mitt or loofah over your body. Be sure to wet the mitts thoroughly first or they will feel too rough. Rinse the mitts and loofah and allow them to dry naturally.
  • A face cloth is effective at removing dead skin cells too. Use circular motions over your face (gently) and body and then rinse well.

Now you can leave your bathroom feeling refreshed and alive, ready for what the day (or evening) brings.

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