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Traditional Kitchens Vs. Modern Kitchens

Being Kitchen Designers, the Nouvelle Team are often asked the age old question…

Traditional or Modern?

Really the decision lies with the home owner, and here are some guidelines to help make that decision easier:

Which style will match the rest of your home? A traditional kitchen will look out of place in a contemporary home.

What colours do you find attractive? Bold or colours of the mediterranean won’t sit right in a traditional kitchen.

What flooring would you prefer? Concrete and linoleum suit modern kitchens, and wooden and tiled floors suit both traditional and modern kitchens. Choose your colours carefully.

What appliances do you want? Steel fridges and freezers blend well in both traditional and modern kitchens, however, an abundance of modern day gadgets (eg. cappucino maker, ice maker, wall convection oven, etc.) tend to suit a more up-to-date style of kitchen. It is possible to have the same conveniences in a traditional kitchen, it’s just a matter of choosing the appliance to suit the decor – and that’s where you Nouvelle Kitchen Designer can help… simply ask us.

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