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Skylights in Your Kitchen

A skylight can add yet another unique aspect to your kitchen design. They come in different shapes and sizes and have been installed in all types of kitchens.

Not only can a skylight add light, warmth and that feeling of harmony that only sunlight can bring, it can also save you money on lighting and to a degree, heating costs. Research has found that “Sunlight has a better ratio of light to heat than any type of electric lamp.”

Skylights are best located where they receive direct sunlight. If a skylight is shaded by other structures or foliage then you will not receive the full benefits. So planning and design are vital before deciding whether a skylight would work in your kitchen.

It is imperative that skylight installations are performed by experienced and qualified technicians. Without such care and expertise skylights are known to leak and cause water damage. However, don’t mistake a ‘leak’ with condensation on the inside of the glass or plastic window. This is often a result of high humidity in the home during cold weather. The downside of this condensation is that if it continues to occur over time discolouration can form, and in some rare cases of very high humidity, it can cause damage to walls. The answer to this scenario would be to control the humidity level in the home.

Speak to the team at Nouvelle to find out if a skylight would benefit your kitchen design.

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