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Kitchen Renovations Eastern Suburbs

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We are Sydney’s top kitchen and bathroom renovations company that is primarily focused on creative design, followed by a meticulous attention to detail for the finished result. We strive to learn your vision of your home and your sense of style before taking any steps towards renovation. Whenever we’ve been called upon by our clients to provide luxury kitchen renovations in their Eastern Suburbs homes, we always deliver. Our team have always been relied upon to work with our clients ideas and styles to come up with a unique kitchen or bathroom. We are capable of transforming your entire kitchen into an inviting space in your home, where you will take great pride and pleasure entertaining friends. Nouvelle are the first choice when it comes to kitchen renovations that will simply leave your guests breathless and your whole family utterly delighted.


How do I prepare my kitchen for renovation?

The best way to start is by getting a rough idea regarding the type, look and style of the kitchen that you want. Check magazines, certain websites or even take your time to watch home remodeling shows. With an idea of what you want in terms of style and look, you can now contact us at Nouvelle. Our design consultants will be happy to meet with you to discuss the range of possibilities.

In general though, prior to construction beginning, you need to ensure that the area to be worked on is cleared of all your belongings especially those that can easily be removed. You will also want to cover your furniture with plastic or sheets or both to protect them from dust. This also is one of the many preparatory tasks our team of qualified tradesman are happy to perform.


What types of kitchen benchtops are the best in my new kitchen?

One of the best ways to improve a kitchen is by replacing countertops. Hard surface counters like quartz and granite tend to be the most popular surfaces. The prices for these surfaces aren’t the same.

Granite appears to have more movement and veining in its look. On the other hand, quartz countertops have pattern and colour that is more uniform. They tend to hold up the same way granite does if not better.


How long will my kitchen renovation project take?

A normal mod-size kitchen remodel takes roughly 6-8 weeks to finish. This time period refers to the actual time that we will be working on your space. Before the start of your work, the upfront planning process takes 1-2 months.

Then there is the time you need to allow for materials to be procured and this can take anywhere between one and three months. Therefore, from the start of the renovation to finish, allow roughly 6 months. But this time is subject to varying depending on the scope of your project.


Should I consider timber flooring in my kitchen?

In general, timber flooring isn’t great for the kitchen. That notwithstanding, it still remains a very popular choice among homeowners. You can use it if it appeals visually. This is especially in a case where you are opening your kitchen into a nearby space that has timber flooring.

Generally, designers will choose other materials ahead of timber because of the fact that wood is susceptible to water damage and also because of wear and tear. Given that the kitchen is an area that experiences a lot of traffic, the finish on the timber floor is likely to wear out much more readily than in other areas of your home that experience lower traffic. Timber floors also require a higher level of periodic maintenance.

Also, given that the kitchen is home to some serious plumbing, timber floors risk being damaged by water. The best floor to install in your kitchen is a tile floor. It is much more resistant to humidity and leaks.


Particleboard or plywood: Which is the better cabinet choice?

The question of particleboard versus plywood is among the most commonly asked questions among those researching cabinets. There is a general view that plywood outdoes particleboard (MDF medium density fiberboard) and the probable explanation of this view is because plywood contains “wood” in it. To most people, plywood is the real wood whereas particleboard is simply cheap imitation. Unbeknownst to many however, particleboard is the better option in most cases.

A definition of these two materials will help you make the best decision regarding which one to choose. Plywood contains thin sheets of wood that are glued together. On the other hand, particleboard is made from tiny particles of wood which are held together using adhesive. Strong and durable, both of these materials are great for making a good cabinet. Both of these materials come in different grades and types. High-density particleboard tend to be stronger and also last longer compared to plywood.

Wood expands and contracts as a result of variations in humidity. Particleboard tends to be more resistant to contraction and expansion. Therefore, for areas which experience significant variations of humidity, particleboard should be the better option. When combined with a two-pack polyurethane treatment, long life and durability are ensured.

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