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Natural Lighting in Your Kitchen

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Allow natural light into your kitchen and save money on energy bills, help save the environment, make your kitchen appear larger, and create a cheery welcoming room.

Ways to maximise natural lighting when designing your kitchen:

  • position windows to allow the most amount of light in. You need to be clever with this design – you don’t want to over-heat a room during summer, and you don’t want to compromise too much on insulation.
  • consider what trees and building structures decrease the amount of light entering your kitchen and adjust your design to suit
  • use skylights
  • use sun tunnels
  • choose lighter wall colours to reflect the natural light entering the room
  • position your food preparation areas close to the light’s entry

For a kitchen design that is environmentally friendly and makes use of what nature gives you freely, contact the team at Nouvelle – they’re here to help you.