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Modern Kitchen with Traditional Highlights

If you’re caught in the tug-of-war between traditional and modern influence when planning your kitchen design, here’s some food for thought… no pun intended!

Traditional doesn’t necessarily mean a lack of modern convenience. A good kitchen designer will use the best quality materials to ensure ease of maintenance. And a kitchen designer with experience will know how to balance modern appliances (which should excel in the convenience department!) with traditional flair to fit nicely within your desired outcome.

At the other extreme, ‘Modern’ doesn’t necessarily imply ‘loud’ colours, sharp lines or sterility. Colour palettes that are calming, softened lines on edges, and a design that is welcoming, comfortable and warm – often features associated with the traditional kitchen – can be the heart of a modern kitchen. These features create a ‘modern style’ kitchen that will never ‘age’ and is likely to keep the contemporary-minded satisfied whilst pleasing the ‘traditionalist’.

Designs for modern kitchens with a traditional flair have gained popularity recently. The outcome of such a marriage has proved to be quite attractive, and requires an experienced eye to create the perfect balance of the two.

As you’re thinking of the right kitchen design for your home please give the team at Nouvelle a call or leave us a message through our contact page – we’d love to hear from you.

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