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Makeover v Renovation v Rebuild

If you want to spruce up your home, there are generally three options makeover/facelift, renovation or build a new home. All can be relevant depending on your needs but it pays to be realistic about what you can achieve with each option.


We know kitchens and bathrooms sell homes so these are the rooms most often chosen for a spruce up. Sometimes homeowners will opt for a simple makeover or facelift to try to give the room an update but this approach only fixes the external look of the kitchen or bathroom it won”™t address any functionality concerns and, particularly if a budget approach is taken, you may find the surfaces and fittings don’t last and you have to re-do the makeover in just a few years.


If you’re planning to live in your Sydney home for a number of years it pays to consider a full rip out, re-design and renovation. This allows you to carefully consider your kitchen design and bathroom design and ensure the space meets your needs not only now, but also in the future. Whether you are planning a traditional kitchen or a luxury bathroom, the design and layout is the key to the long-term success of the space. Working with a specialist designer allows you to customise work zones and areas within your kitchen so it’s operating at full efficiency whether you are cooking for 2 or 200. Careful planning in the bathroom means functionality is considered as well as aesthetics so you’re guaranteed your bathroom can handle your family’s busiest times.

Opting for a full renovation also allows you to address any space issues you may have with the current rooms. Whether you are looking for a small ensuite, medium bathroom or large kitchen, a full renovation allows you to look at moving or removing walls to create larger or more open spaces.

Build New

This option is more for homes of a certain age that don’t have the structural integrity to be viable for a renovation and/or extension or if you are lucky enough to find a block of land. Building new offers a range of benefits including a blank slate on which to create your dream home but do remember that you’ll have to find somewhere to live while the home is being built and this can sometimes be for as long as 18 months so factor in the cost of rent into your budget.

Nouvelle not only has specialist kitchen designers and bathroom designers on its team but we also hold a full builders licence which allows us to offer a larger range of services to our clients to ensure we can undertake a range of home renovations in Sydney. We specialise in full-service renovations to help you realise the potential of the kitchen and bathroom in your home. Talk to us today about your dream home and let us help you make it a reality.

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