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Kitchen Design for Awkward Spaces

If you have an awkward space or oddly shaped room, an experienced and creative Kitchen Designer should still be able to weave their magic and make every centimetre work to your advantage.

For example, the small dungeon under the stairs doesn”™t have to be lodgings for Harry Potter! A walk in pantry might just be the perfect thing. And the right sized fridge and bookcases could easily find a home where stairs have shaved away a useful wall.

Wall niches become homes to vases and colourful plates, low ceiling areas could benefit from a console table or drawers to still allow you to store items, and nooks and crannies can be made to appear larger with lighter coloured floor tiles and paint.

If you want help designing (and installing) a kitchen in an awkwardly shaped area in your home, please contact us at Nouvelle ”“ not only do we love a challenge, we”™d be delighted to help you!

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