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Kitchen Bins

Your kitchen is most often a hub of activity – family rushing through to grab a bite to eat, friends browsing cupboards for a glass or serving dish, and the house cook moving from one point of workspace to another preparing meals.

Who needs a rubbish bin planted in the middle of all of this activity? It’s a safety hazard that someone is sure to trip over, and not exactly what you’d like to be a point of interest in your kitchen. And hanging a plastic bag over the corner of a cupboard to store rubbish not only looks terrible, it is easily bumped allowing contents to spill, and is within easy reach of any little hands belonging to a two-year-old!

The solution for safety and aesthetics is to place the bin out of sight but still within easy reach. The cupboard under the kitchen sink has been a popular choice for a number of years. Deep drawers are also a great option. They are practical, keep your kitchen waste (and associated smells) contained efficiently, and you only need to open that drawer when wishing to access the bin.