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Intimate Dining

Your kitchen can serve as an entertainment area. It could even be the perfect venue for a romantic dinner date…

A selection of great wine at your fingertips and a sumptuous dinner all in the warmth of your kitchen breaths intimacy that many great restaurants only dream of matching.

Achieve romance with dimmed lighting, either through dimmer switches (also known as mood lighting) or by switching off main lighting and leaving on one or two task lights… or switch off all of the lights and opt for candles!

Halogen bulbs create a nice soft glow for setting a mood, whereas fluorescent lights create more of a white light which can be a little harsh. When wishing to create soft lighting choose a lower wattage bulb and opt for a quality globe, eg. the GE brand.

LED bulbs are beginning to impact the lighting market. While more expensive than halogen and not as strong, LED’s last longer and don’t draw as much power to run. For this reason they are considered more environmentally friendly.

Dimmer switches too can assist the environment. If you turn the switch slightly back from highest setting then less energy is required and you will help to lengthen the life of your globes.

Of course, nothing else sets the mood for romance than good company… and soft music, gentle lighting, and delicious fare can help pave the way.

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