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Bathroom Flooring Options

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Your bathroom is one of the hardest working rooms in your home so, when choosing your flooring surface, it”™s important to consider all your options.

Ceramic tiles

These are economical, great for indoors and are one of the most popular materials used in the home. Clay-base ceramic tiles are an ideal choice for bathrooms, laundries and other moisture-prone areas. They are made of sand, natural products and clays moulded into shape and fired in a kiln. Ceramic tiles are usually glazed and come in a variety of colours and textures.

Porcelain tiles

Are highly durable and can be created to mimic the look of wood or stone. While the preparation of ceramic and porcelain tiles is similar, the porcelain tile is pressed and fired in a slightly different process. This means the porcelain tile is generally much stronger and less porous. Porcelain tiles are very popular in residential bathrooms because of the almost-unlimited design potential they offer.

Natural stone

Great for a high end look and offers plenty of design creativity and variety. Natural stone can include slate, marble, limestone, travertine, granite and sandstone ”“ and each has slightly different properties. In general, sandstone is the most porous of the natural stones while granite is reasonably waterproof. The stone can be polished, honed or clefted to create different finishes and add to the durability of the surface. A polished stone will be too slippery for use on a bathroom floor but could be used for walls.

Always talk to an expert if considering a natural stone as each variety will require a different approach to maintenance and application.

Trends & Design

We are seeing two major trends in bathroom design as we head into 2016. Timber-look tiles, in the same shape as timber floorboards, are proving very popular for those who like the look of timber, but need a non-porous surface for the bathroom. Today’s technology means the tiles have the look and feel of timber so add a lovely texture and shade to complement a range of colour schemes.

Also, large format tiles are being used to create a feeling of luxurious spaciousness in your bathroom. With fewer grout lines, large format tiles make a bathroom feel much larger in size. Tiles can also be laid to create the visual impression of more space – either laid the length of the room to give more depth or across the room to make it feel wider.

Nouvelle’s expert design team are on hand to provide advice on the best style of tile to suit your new bathroom. Talk to us today to bring your dream bathroom to live.