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Baked Potatoes in Your Kitchen

There’s nothing quite like the smell of baking potatoes filling your kitchen. Here’s a scrumptious filling when you next fire up your oven for a feast of baked potatoes.

Baked Potatoes and Spicy Mushrooms


Washed potatoes
30g butter
250g button mushrooms
150g natural yoghurt
1 tablespoon tomato paste
2 teaspoons mild curry powder
Chopped dill


1. Bake potatoes in their jackets at 200°c for 1 hour.
2. While potatoes are cooking, melt butter in a frying pan.
3. Add mushrooms
4. Cook 4 minutes.
5. Remove from heat.
6. Stir in yoghurt, tomato paste and curry powder.
7. Almost cut the potatoes in half and scoop the spicy mushroom mix into them.
8. Sprinkle the dill over top.


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