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Bathroom Renovations Eastern Suburbs

The bathroom, no doubt, is among the most used spaces in a home, second only to the kitchen. Regardless of how old your bathroom maybe, there comes a time when a complete bathroom renovation is simply a must. However in some cases the bathroom may require renovation because it doesn’t meet your needs with regards to its functionality and design.

One of the first questions that comes to mind is: “How much will it cost to renovate my bathroom?”

Cost is an important factor for deciding on features, style and amenities when renovating your bathroom. But just how much should you expect to set aside for a bathroom renovation?
For a high-end bathroom renovation, expect to pay on the upwards of $35,000. Of course the cost can vary a lot depending on a number of factors like the size of your bathroom, labour costs and the materials used. But it’s still possible to have a bathroom refresh under this figure. But you will need to swap out a couple of items or keep the renovation a largely cosmetic update.

The cost can go up if you want to carry out a complete remodel or where the job involves moving plumbing from one location to another, replacing all floor and wall tiles, undertaking structural works or you want new features that need additional plumbing works.

Prior to planning your bathroom refresh, research the cost assessments as this will help you to get accurate quotes from a specialist bathroom renovation expert.


Nouvelle: Eastern Suburbs go-to bathroom renovation experts.

Nouvelle are the bathroom renovation experts in Eastern Suburbs. We can create a whole range of bathrooms from contemporary to modern designs that will impress your guests, to even practical family bathrooms that are easy to maintain and clean. We will update your current bathroom with new electrical fittings, tiles, baths, taps, toilets, sinks, or showers. Our expert builders can custom-build a completely new bathroom in an existing space or even pull down and erect new walls to come up with new rooms. We make it easy for you.

We always endeavor to be the top bathroom renovations eastern suburbs residents will go to. We will help turn your ideas into design and then build it for you. Our company is licensed to do tiling, plumbing, carpentry, plaster-work and electrical work.

Hire the experts to ensure that the job is completed to your absolute satisfaction and on time and importantly within your budget. We will work with you through the bathroom renovation project and turn your dream into reality. Give us a call today, and so we can help you take your dream bathroom and make it a reality.


What flooring options are available for my bathroom renovation?

We offer a wide range of flooring materials that include carpet, tile, luxury and resilient vinyl and laminate, each offering its own patterns and shades. While there are several factors to be taken into account when replacing your flooring, we provide top brands as well as free design consultation.

Whether you want to install beautiful resilient vinyl to complete your kitchen remodel, durable carpet in your family room, or you want durable tile that spruces up your bathroom, you can count on our highly-skilled installation experts and Nouvelle to ensure the job is completed to your satisfaction.


What are the different types of benchtops available for my bathroom vanity units?

There are basically three types of benchtops that we can install for you. These are solid surface benchtops, granite and quartz. We provide quality benchtop materials and installation services. These solid surface, quartz and granite benchtop materials come in various edge and color options. We have highly qualified and experienced benchtop installers and technicians to protect surrounding areas, finish the job and clean up the work area. Our aim is to let you enjoy your kitchen or bathroom’s new look. These benchtop materials have very good scratch resistance, excellent stain resistance and an average warranty of 10 years.


What kind of bathroom do you really want?

After deciding on the budget, the next thing is to window shop for fixtures, materials and features that you would like in your bathroom renovation project. The cost of materials can add up quickly, but they are just a fraction of your whole budget. You will then need to engage an experienced contractor, like Nouvelle of course, who installs plumbing features like sinks, lines, toilets and taps, flooring and ceramic tile.

This is also the time to visit our bathroom renovations showroom so you can take a look at what we have done for other customers. Ability to visualise your renovation project before it is started can help you define your expectations regarding the overall project, as well as illustrate how different layout and design choices will work.


Another typical question is: “How long will my bathroom renovation take?”

Bathroom renovation can take varying time to complete depending on the scale or scope of the project. Generally, you need to give a time allowance of around 1 to 3 weeks of labour. This time frame can be affected by many factors such as if plumbing and/or electrical elements have to be moved, if there is structural work involved, unforeseen events like asbestos being discovered in your floor cavity or in the walls and the amount of tiles that need to be laid.

For the research, planning as well as design of the renovation, without major structural changes, will take between 6 to 8 weeks. This includes time for developing the design, selection of fittings and materials and getting quotes from various businesses.

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