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With so much information available

it’s easy to feel overwhelmed when you start looking for bathroom ideas. Here are some of our tips on what to keep in mind before you visit your designer. Remember that your tastes and your needs are unique so don’t be afraid to talk to your bathroom designer about a range of options that are available.
Bathrooms are such multi-faceted spaces and how you use them may change over time, as your family makeup expands and contracts. It’s important to consider your ongoing requirements and how you can build-in multi-functional elements that will service your needs both now and in the future.


Storage space is always the trickiest consideration in any bathroom design. When looking for bathroom storage ideas, always consider how to best utilise the space. This may entail building cabinetry right to the ceiling, as in this example where the highest-up space can be used for items used only infrequently. Space wasn’t an issue in this bathroom renovation, so a large, centrally-located vanity provides plenty of drawers accessible from both sides.


If you prefer the”softer” style of a traditional bathroom, but don’t want all the ornate features, consider a more classic style which embodies the essence of another time but delivers the functionality of a modern bathroom. In this example above, the creamy tones of the cabinetry reflect the Provincial style which is enhanced by the addition of a marble benchtop and bath surround.


Or, if you prefer a more luxurious feel for your bathroom design, why not go all the way and include a slipper bath, complete with freestanding tapware. Located in the corner of this unusually-shaped room, the bath overlooks the lush surroundings and provides the users with a gorgeous vista to enjoy while bathing. The large vanities easily take care of any storage needs.


The use of natural wood is a great idea for your next bathroom design. It embodies warmth and style and can add rich, relaxing tones to your favourite bathing space. In the bathroom above you can see the clever use of curves – in the mirror and undermounted basin – to offset the strong linear look of the vanity. And take a look at the well-considered privacy wall which conceals the toilet and provides plenty of additional storage, too.

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